Apple Mail vs. Entourage

Recently I’ve been converting from Entourage to Apple Mail.
This is purely from a point of view of backup, the Entourage database makes my Time Machine backup waste a lot of space.
My wife had a 1Gb e-mail database which basically meant any time she received a mail Time Machine would dutifully back up the whole 1Gb + 1 new mail.
Also you can’t go back to specific e-mails using the Time Machine backup, you just have to go back to a specific point in time and no off site backup either - my offsite backup by Mazy won’t automatically backup Entourage. In fact Microsofts’ official advice is not to back up your main Entourage identity with Time Machine.

So, I’ve been transferring over the accounts, not quite finished on the laptop. It’s actually reasonable straightforward, the main problem has been trying to import the e-mails once rather than have Mail import them and re-download a copy from the server. Mail is much more stripped down than Entourage, but I prefer the look of Entourage.

The other thing I’ve been doing is trying to access all my e-mail from one place, so I’ve had to download two plug-ins or extras to do this from Mail. Entourage automatically reads Hotmail (not too surprising since they’re both Microsoft products) but I had to download an
http plug-in for Apple Mail. Google mail hooked up really easily, whereas Yahoo expect you to pay for their premium product to download your own e-mail. However you can use a variant of YPop called MacFreePops which is donation-ware. Yahoo still plays up a bit, sometimes giving an error if you download too many e-mails at once and occasionally you have to log in and out of your web account, delete cookies in your browser and disable and re-enable your Yahoo account in Apple mail to keep it working.

So far it’s nice to have everything in one place, although I could have done most of this in Entourage too.
So, I’m fairly pleased so far, just wish Apple could make mail look a bit less cheap (even if it is free!).