Mac Warranty
I've decided to pay for the warranty on the iMac, so far I've had a single fault on it with the keyboard, the 'X' key got stuck. The guy at the Apple Store replaced it no problem for free but it jogged my memory.
There seem to be two schools of thought on extended warranties, one is the 'never buy it' and the other is basically get the lot. I've generally benefited from warranties . A Mac has some expensive parts which can fail - the logic board (motherboard) and the screen probably the most expensive amongst them.
There seem to be four possibilities - people who have the warranty and don't need to claim, people with warranty who do claim, people who don't take out the warranty and are OK and people who aren't.
The group that claims are by far the most likely to make a noise about it, the others will tend to keep quiet, mostly because they've either forgotten or they don't want people to know there's been a problem.
I suppose if the failure rate is about 10% for the extra two years then you should be looking for the price of the extended warranty to be about 10%. The price of APP / price of the Mac rages from 30% for a Mac Mini to about 3% for a Mac Pro with Apple screen. So the usefulness of the support varies across the range, another thing to consider is that portables are built to really tight tolerances and get rougher handling than desktops. So it may be worth thinking about insuring laptops.